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List Description
Cardiacresearch Provide easy access to refer patients for inclusion in clin
cdsw-announce A list where people can subscribe to hear about future Community Data Science Workshops
Chem162aj_au14 Class Discussion List
Cirg-adm-auto CIRG Systems Administrators Automated Notifications (private)
Cirg-core CIRG Core Members (private)
Composites25 UW FSAE team new mailing list for similar tech groups.
EcoLunch For those interested in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences EcoLunch Seminar Series
EdLife News and events for students in the College of Education
Education Education graduate students
Encore_smes Encore Project Subject Matter Experts
Englmajors English major information
Erco-adt-hmc-inp ERCO MailMan list for HMC Inpatient ADT User
Erco-adt-lnd Mailman list to the ADT L&D Stakeholders
ERCO-All_Prelude Delivery of communication to UW Medicine users of the Epic s
ERCO-Cadence_n_EPC_frnt_dsk Dissemination of Epic system updates and operational changes
ERCO-EME_clinic_managers Contacting EME clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-hall_health_managers Contacting Hall Health managers about Epic
Erco-hb-all UW Medicine Epic HB Training Notifications
Erco-hb-pfs UW Medicine Epic HB training notifications for PFS dept
Erco-hb-special UW Medicine Epic HB Training Special Distribution Messages
ERCO-HMC_clinic_managers Contacting HMC clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-Non_SCCA_Prelude Info about UW Medicines usage of Epic Health Records system
ERCO-NWH_clinic_managers Contacting NWH clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-NWH_expert_users Contacting NWH expert users about Epic
Erco-patient-access Contacting Patient Access staff
ERCO-ReferralCoordinators Efficient dissemination of information needed by Epic system
ERCO-SCCA_contacts Contacting SCCA about Epic
ERCO-southside-radiology Contacting Southside Radiology about Epic
ERCO-UWMC_clinic_contacts Contacting UWMC clinic managers about Epic
ERCO-UWNC_clinic_managers Communicating with UWNC Clinic Managers about Epic
Erco_uwmcinp UWMC staff who have taken ADT 116
googlemaps-dev A mailing list for campus software developers to discuss use
GoSeattle GoSeattle
IMAaquaticnews Provide news, updates, and alerts about the IMA aquatic program and facilities.
Mercerde Mercer Court DE RA Staff
nwgcseqsub To coordinate external sample submission and billing for the
oceania_studies UW Oceania Studies listserv for like-minded individuals interested in sharing information and discus
PathologyGrandRounds Pathology Grand Rounds
Peds-surplus For labs to post equipment and chemicals to list before send
Phcolsteeringcomm Notifications to Pharmacology Faculty Steering Committee
research_lab_devs for software developers in research labs
Rosebowl Husky Football
sdi-24x7-csi UW-IT's 24x7 Service Desk Continual Service Improvement
SEHI-LED for EDSPE students in the SEHI-LED program
Uw-tableau-users Communication tool for UW users of Tableau software
UWMCrecognition UWMC Recognition Program & Events news and information
Uwnucmed to send information to the group
Uwt_msgt For current graduate students enrolled in Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies - UW Tacoma
Uwtgeospatial For prospective students interested in Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies - UW Tacoma.
Womprov group email for women's providers at HMC

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