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Wed Feb 8 19:33:56 PST 2006

Do you really think Lappano would go?  UW is not exactly a plum job right
now, but Idaho is a step down from here.
I could see Yarber going, especially if he got offered OC.

Speaking of former Husky assistants...
It looks like Coach Linehan is getting the 1998 gang back together in St.
So far Ron Milus and Wayne Moses have joined his staff.
Will Dick Baird be next?
Linehan also got Coach Holt from Idaho, which opened up the spot for
Erickson, etc...

Go Dawgs,

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Sounds like Dennis is heading back to Idaho as their head coach.  This could

affect the Huskies, as there's talk of a couple of our assistants possibly 
joining DE in Moscow.  Stay tuned...


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