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> Shane's departure really had an adverse snowball effect.  It caused us to 
> burn a redshirt for Marques Tuisasosopo (sp.?) and throw him into the 
> Nebraska game in 1997.  If he had redshirted that year, we could have had 
> him in theory through the 2001 season.

Another note about that 97 Nebraska game.  Dick Baird had arranged for 4 top 
QB recruits to be there that day.  Jared Jones - Walla Walla, Taylor 
Barton - Oregon area, Luke Huard - Puyallup, & Jerremy Stevens - Oly area. 
Baird once quipped on KJR that Tui's performance made it much harder to 
persuade those guys into coming to the UW.

b4 the game Washington had only 1 'known' QB.  After the game UW had 2 
'known' QBs.

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