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give it a rest, Coz-lite 
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  Money coming in on the Dawgs and also on Cal.


  Cal opened as 2 point dog to Tennessee and is now a 3 point favorite!


  The Dawgs are now up to a 21.5 point favorites.  I still like the Spartans +21.5 FTR, but after a three score lead it's anyone's guess.





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  28-13 is reasonable.


  FTR, they have not seen many practices, since the media has been shut out.





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  Here's how the people who actually cover the team (and have seen some of the practices and talked with players and coaches) see it


  Condotta, Seattle Times:  Huskies 28-7

  Yannity, Seattle P-I:  Huskies 31-7

  Ruiz, Tacoma Tribune:  Huskies 28-13


  All 3 have seemed fairly realistic, reliable, and generally accurate in the past.  


  I think there is a lot of interest in this season's opener.  I sense a lot more interest than last year.


  I will miss the radio broadcast today for one of the few times ever--have to go biking, hiking, and berry-picking with some friends down Powerline Pass, I'm the guide (so to speak), and there is no live local radio coverage.  I can listen on the Internet at home. So I will be interested when I get back home to see what happened, etc.


  Rick, can you pick me up a schedule magnet and I will send you my address later?


  Go Huskies !




  Gregory Fisher

  Anchorage, Alaska



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