[Rosebowl] regression

Max Waugh fiznatty at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 9 16:41:37 PDT 2006

While I think Chris is wrong in his general doom & gloom assessments, 
today's game brought back the spectre of a lot of the ugly stuff we've been 
doing in recent years.

Isaiah looked like old Isaiah.  Overthrowing guys, making some bad decisions 
(running instead of passing and vice versa)... he was definitely a different 
QB last week.  Why?  As good as our run blocking was at time, our pass 
blocking was the opposite.  Sooner D linemen were slipping inside with no 
problems, and it completely disrupted things in our backfield.  Isaiah 
didn't have much time to throw the ball.

I thought the offensive playcalling was maddening and deteriorated during 
the game.  As I stated last week, I hate that shotgun option... sure enough, 
it didn't work against a better team.  The problem of course is that our 
coaches may feel they need to leave Isaiah back in shotgun in order for him 
to have success as a passer.  That obviously failed today.  Otherwise, we 
get inside the five twice, and we're _not_ pounding the ball (which has 
worked all day)???  After we recovered the fumble in the second half, I said 
"just don't run the option."  And what happened?  Even a fade to big Marcel 
Reece would've been nice to see, but apparently we'd rather have Russo out 
there in that situation.

Our secondary... oh man, what can you say?  This is the biggest weakness on 
the team right now, and it'll keep us from being able to control the tempo 
defensively unless something changes.  Goldson's not a hundred precent, and 
Fountaine has been inadequate to date... our opponents have a pretty obvious 
offensive gameplan laid out for them the rest of the way.  Our only solution 
may be more pressure on the QB, but I thought the Sooners did a good job of 
protecting Thompson today.

The Huskies are better.  The weak secondary puts us at an immediate 
disadvantage, so it may not be apparent to some, but I think many of our 
other areas have improved.  The running game has to be the most pleasant 
surprise to date, especially with all the questions about the offensive line 
heading into the season.  I think the jury's out on our D line at this 
point, but IMO they're doing alright, given that they have no "protection" 
behind them at the moment.

Most importantly, I think the attitude has improved.  If we're ever going to 
get better, that's where it has to start.

It would be nice to see Isaiah and our offensive gameplan improve next week. 
  I still have hope for them (not that Fresno is an easy opponent)... the 
secondary, I'm not so sure about.


PS- please, no Bonnell for president/starter posts. ;)

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