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Well, I think that's my cue, isn't it?  Where's my mark?

Damn right we can beat UCLA !  We came extremely close the last 2 years.  We should have won in 2004 in Seattle.  We should have won last year, and that was in Pasadena.  We would have won had Russo not fumbled that punt.   I blame that on Neuheisel, too.  

Seriously, we have an ability to run and control the clock on UCLA.  UCLA's defense is good but a bit smaller inside.  Quick and effective, but a defense that can be worn down by an aggressive offensive line and I personally like what I am seeing with Garcia and his linemates.  We may not do it.  If we play like we did against FSU we will not win.  We can't have 5 or 6 drops and missed 3rd down conversions.  But if we can control more of the clock, it's a possibility.  

UCLA has an improved passing attack, but they have not been overwhelming. 

If we minimize mistakes, not eliminate just minimize, and maximize things we can do well and get some breaks thrown into the mix, a win over UCLA is absolutely in the cards.

Also, I would throw in intangibles.  I disagree with Max that senior leadership is a "ridiculous" factor [*the Cody thread].  It's critical.  And after Saturday I believe we have some senior leadership beginning with Scott White.  Plus I liked Coach Willingham on the sidelines last Saturday--did anyone see him yelling "Just hit him" and driving his fist into the palm of his hand?  How refreshing that was from Coach Gilbertson and RN.  

So, can we beat UCLA?

Hell Yes !  Not maybe.  Hell YES!

Will we?

That depends.

But winning is infectious.  

Washington 24

I'm ready for my close up now Mr. DeMille

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  Speaking of the Bruins, does anybody think we will beat them? They've been having their way with us for far too many games. I think we will make it close. And if we do beat them, we will return to a level of competitiveness and confidence that has been long gone. At that point, a lot of dormant fans will lift their heads up, take a sniff of the Great Northwest air and smell victory. It could happen.

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    I have four tickets (Tunnel 51, Section 51, Row II, Seats 22-25) to this weekend's UCLA game that I will be unable to use-my son has a little league football game in Auburn at the same time as the game-and would like to sell at face value. 


    Please e-mail me if you have any interest in these tickets.


    Scott Callen
    Mobile: (206) 854-3534
    e-mail: scott.g.callen at boeing.com 



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