[Rosebowl] Hairbreadth vs UC Alley

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I'm not sure I understand the confusion here. 


Isn't it patently obvious that the reason USC went to the Rose Bowl that
year was because USC only has three letters in their name, while UCLA
has four? 


Sheesh...you'd think this was rocket surgery or something.





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I don't know what the tie-breaker formula was back then, but I seem to
recall that one of the levels in recent years has something to do with
the team that had been to the Rose Bowl most recently would lose out in
the event of a tie.


Maybe that was what happened....


Either way, I hope the Dawgs can overcome their knack for making UCLA
look like the best football team in the country - no matter how good or
bad they actually are!


Go Dawgs!!!







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UCLA came to Seattle for the Homecoming game in 1966.  The Bruins were
defending Rose Bowl champs, undefeated and ranked 3rd in the country.


The Huskies had a win over Ohio State in Columbus but overall were only


The notes on this game say that Bruin coach Tommy Prothro was "an
especially disliked foe and Husky fans loved to see him beaten."

They got their wish in this game as the Huskies upset the Bruins 16-3.

This was the Bruins only loss of the 1966 season.

The other note from this game was "Many fans remember this game's crowd
as being one of the loudest and rowdiest in Husky history."


However, even with the best record in the league, the Bruins did not go
to the Rose Bowl.  U$C was the AAWU representative, despite the fact
they had a 7-3 record and had lost to UCLA.  U$C was 4-1 in conference
and UCLA was 3-1.  I still don't know how that one was figured out.

U$C did not represent well as they lost to Purdue in the Rose Bowl.
>From that point on, the two programs went separate ways.  U$C went to
the next 3 Rose Bowls and continued as a football dynasty, while Purdue
didn't go again until 2001.


So come ready to get loud and rowdy on Saturday and help the Dawgs upset
the Bruins.

Go Dawgs,


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