[Rosebowl] UW and the Economic Downturn

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The vast majority of work performed on a remodeled Husky stadium project
would be performed by construction workers who are already working, new
positions would not be "created" for the entire work crew.



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> Comments Toby?

WELL, I wasn't going to but since I happen to be up and I do take requests
here it goes ... (I think that maybe Chris and I will get our own, 2-person
listserve, soon).

"create 5,000-7,000 construction jobs"

This one statement is so ridiculous that Dr. Emmert's entire little note
needs to be discarded with an appreciative smile, a slight chuckle and a
dismissive wave. It's a simple salespitch written to appeal to simple

If an 18-month, $300 million stadium project "created" 7,000 "construction
jobs" - assuming half the const. cost was in materiale, etc. - the 7,000
jobs he's creating would pay an average of $14,286 each which, I think, is
below Washington's minimum wage and below the $49,000 average that LIUNA
laborers makes in Washington (unless the University is planning on using
non-union or child labor). I know he means that manufacturing begets
manufacturing and so forth, but this is just beyond sanity. Emmert's letter
couldn't sound less lucid if it was written by Mike Gravel on psilocybin.

If the current national exigency reaches such crisis levels that labor wages
fall to 30-cents on the dollar, which I suppose it may, remodeling a stadium
will surely be the last thing on anyone's mind, if it isn't already.

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