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Does Oregon still have a cheerleading contingent meeting and greeting (and whatever) their new potential recruits?
Perhaps that is where we go wrong.   Instead of replicating a game day experience,  we should replicate the after game activities.
I'm kidding, of course,  but is there a conference wide person that's job it is to ensure everyone follows the same rules,  and no one gains an advantage?
Just curious.

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Toby Nelson  wrote:
“I seem to remember there used to be this other coach who was all about "having fun" and everyone just "having a good time" ... “
Let’s not forget that 2 years after said coach had 2ndary infractions we were playing Purdue in the Rosebowl.  What a great day that was down there to.  In the 80s or close.  If we are playing in the Rosebowl on Jan 1, 2011… well it isn’t all bad.
I know mighty big if there.   So far most of what I hear, read, and see I like.  Of course we all know that what happens on the field is what counts.  The waiting is killing me though! 

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What I'm wondering is, where was the compliance asst. AD?  He learned about it from blogs. This was a recruiting weekend. Why wasn't he present every moment those kids were on campus?  What's the point of paying someone to sit in an office and not be actively involved.

I suppose we could say that Sark, being used to doing stuff at USC with no scrutiny, forgot that he was at Washington where everything is scrutinized.

Let's hope this dies away with minimal correction required.


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... everything old is new again ...

"Washington football coaches committed secondary rules violation"

I seem to remember there used to be this other coach who was all about "having fun" and everyone just "having a good time" ... each time he'd commit a secondary infraction it was nothing to be concerned about, they were all innocent oversights, certainly not indicative of more ominous trends going uncovered and unreported.

I also seem to recall that whole situation didn't out too well for anyone involved ... except said coach.
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