[Rosebowl] Arizona--better or ?

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Certainly statistics are one measure -- if one chooses to ignore the
scoreboard -- of which was the 'better' team on a given day. But there are

** Which is the 'better' team:

- the one whose defense stopped its opponent 3 consecutive times on a goal
line stand inside the 2 yard line, and then again stopped its opponent on
4th down at its 1 yard line, and four times stopped its opponent in the red
zone resulting in field goals instead of a touchdown, or

- the one whose defense allowed a touchdown every time its opponent had the
ball in the red zone?

- the team that wasted 2 timeouts in the second half (including one on the
first play of the half when it had had 15 minutes to call that play), making
any comeback (if needed) exponentially more difficult, and whose coach
inexplicably called a passing play, leading by 5 with 2:37 left to play, or

- the team whose coaching staff, against incredible inertia, convinced
its once woebegone team to continue playing to the (almost) bitter end.

Of course I would not bet the mortgage that 'the miracle' would happen
again. But I would bet tomorrow -- without the benefit of hindsight -- that
the Huskies would beat Arizona again.

Isn't it great to have some real football talk on this list for once?


Brad Moore

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I think it's right to say that, at the end of the day, the scoreboard
decides who
is "better." However, I am mystified as to how and why anyone who looked at
game from a football sense --purely what is on the field from an objective
viewpoint--could disagree with the conclusion that Arizona was and is a much
team. The better team does not always win. But Arizona was the better team
on any measuring stick. Just look at the statistics, gentlemen.

And if you want to ignore the statistics, ask yourself if you would bet the
mortgage that we would get a TD off a booted interception to win. If these
same 2
teams played 10 times, do you really think that "the play" would re-occur 10
over? Really?

I am sorry that this conclusion (re: Arizona being the better team) has
caused so
many of you discomfort, but it's pretty obvious to anyone who objectively
that game.

Thankfully, we can assume that the coaches are actually looking at the
actual game
as played on the field and (hopefully) figuring out some patchwork
solutions to
some of the more obvious problems that Arizona highlighted.

Also, I think our current coaches know how to prepare, motivate, and adjust,
also know how to recruit. The current problems will be cured in time.

OTOH, it is actually nice to read posts that are even more "dogrageous" than
I have
been accused of being in the past

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