[Rosebowl] Jake Heaps II--benched in Provo?

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It is exactly why I don't get too excited about recruiting generally,  and view
all the hype surrounding it with a liberal amount of salt.
Who knows what factors are involved in the development of a player,  and the
relative importance of raw talent vs coaching.
The TV announcers  made a big deal of Cort Dennison not being offered a
scholarship by Utah.   Presumably that is why the coaches are paid the big

Generally I am very pleased with the direction the program is heading now,  and
the amount of young talent we seem to be developing.  We are not yet where we
need to be, of course, but the trend direction is good

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There is a stark contrast between the all-world--all-everything HS QB Jake Heaps
spurning UW for BYU where he is mightily struggling, and the unknown Keith Price
who is surpassing all expectations and leading the nation in TDs under Sark's
and Nuss's tutelage.  Heaps had another bad outing against Utah State last
night.  He was ultimately benched in favor of the 2nd string QB who then led a
rally for BYU.  I'm not anti-Heaps.  I don't know the kid.  I wish him well. 
But I am sort of glad that took his talents elsewhere.

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