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That was one of the weirder games I can remember--even by Arizona vs.
Washington standards (when something always seems to happen).

I had thought Washington would win, and predicted a comfortable 42-30
score. The final was 42-31, but how the game got there was nothing like
I had imagined.

The offense was spotty and inconsistent. It seemed to me as if we were
too greedy or something--going for some long balls that were not there.
Our receivers appeared to have a ton of drops. The interceptions struck
me as being more of the receivers' fault and not Price's. Although he
had the one pick on the deep post where he threw into triple coverage
but it was nullified by a pass interference call. Polk was terrific.
The offense started slowly. After a bit, however, it began consistently
moving the ball. But we had a lot of stupid penalties and just
inconsistent, sloppy play. Price seemed "off" most of the night too.
But we had some nice wrinkles such as the option read where Price ran
and the Aguilar pass.

The defense, IMO, played a lot better than the reviews. They only
allowed 24 points, and only 13 after the 1st quarter. The line
generated pressured on Foles. They got 3 interceptions and one fumble
recovery. They held Arizona's rushing game in check. Arizona passed
well but within what they average. And when we needed big plays the
defense delivered. Arizona has put up a chunk of points on some other
teams. They hung 41 on USC. Foles is a top flight QB with excellent
receivers. IMO the fact that we held them to 24 points is a notable

Our special teams was solid and we continue to get some excellent kick
off returns.

Team-mentality wise, you have to respect these kids. They are a
resilient bunch. We wee down by 10 points cand came back. He got hit
by a slew of bad officiating calls but did not let it disturb our game.
We had the horrbibloe momentum shifting pick 6 that would have caused
other teams to fold. Through it all the Huskies just kept plugging
along and doing what they needed to do to win. And we beat a team that
we should have beaten. Washington was trailing 31-28 at around the
mid-point of the 4th quarter and then we scored two quick TDs. That
says something about this team too.

The pick 6 play was IMO the play of the game. We were ahead 21-13 and
driving for another score. Instead, Arizona gets the interception, runs
it back and all of a sudden it is a tie game. That was a 15 point play.
The final score really should have been 49-24 or 45-24.

The officiating really made this game wild. And it went both ways. I
did not understand the "incomplete" call on Hartvigsen's reception. The
officials missed two clear pass interference calls on Arizona that
prevented long completions to Kearse and Sefarian-Jenkins. I did not
understand the one personal foul against Fellner. What? He hit below
the shoulder. However, we got the benefit of some bad calls too. Polk
really did not catch the ball (the pass from Aguilar). The replay
clearly showed that he did not have possession. And on one of Smith's
long kick off returns there was a glaringly obvious block in the back
right in front of the official that was not called.

But I am not complaining. It was an entertaining game. Washington is
now 6-2 and bowl eligible before Halloween. I have not checked but it
is probably the first time since 2001 when we had 6 wins before the end
of October.

Go Dawgs

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