Painted Bunting

Brendan McGarry Pica_Pica417 at
Thu Jan 2 15:16:37 PST 1997

The bird was seen again today at about 4:50 today under the feeder on the
balcony. When I first saw it, it popped out and didn't come back out of
massive amount of clematis for a few minutes. Don't get discouraged, wait a
bit, it doesn't always sit out in the open. It came in when a group of
other ground feeders arrived in a brief flurry of activity before dusk. The
bird stayed mainly on the ground in and around the ivy and feeding on the
spilled millet. There was also a Varied Thrush singing north somewhere in
the tree lot.
Good birding,
Brendan McGarry

Brendan McGarry, 16
Seattle, Washington
Pica_pica417 at

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