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Wed Feb 3 08:13:13 PST 1999

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Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 02:18:48 GMT
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I've had pretty good success avoiding starlings devouring my suet by
hanging it horizontally under a flat surface as has already been
mentioned, but rather than mounting it on a piece of wood I used an old
burner cover, the round metal shields you use to keep splatters off unused
burners. I used cheap polypropylene twine and 4 rubber grommets that were
lying around the basement as spacers so the suet has airflow on all sides.
The door opens down and I drilled a fifth hole for the hook so the door
stays closed. The large burner covers are just the right size for a
standard suet cage. It would also be easy to mount a mesh cage on one if
you wanted.

Cliff Drake
cdrake at
Ballard Seattle Washington

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