Scope decisions

Paul Webster pwebst25 at
Thu Feb 4 11:08:51 PST 1999

I don't think there is a single best scope for everyone. Big scopes are awkward to schlepp
around some places and require substantial tripods that increase the weight. So one is
restricted to birding close to one's car with one of these, unless there is a
Hercules-substitute who will carry the scope. In order to not run into this problem I bought a
mid-priced Kowa 60mm scope that I use with a 20-60X zoom eyepiece, total bill around $700. I
agree with the tweeter above who lists the advantages of zoom eyepieces. I'm happy to look
through the $2000 scopes others have bought and carried, but I'm also happy to carry my 34
ounce scope and 4 lb. tripod that gives me good viewing in a lightweight package.

Paul Webster

> Hi Tweets,

> I have decided to take the big step and buy a top of the line scope,

> probably a Swarovsky, but I still have a few decisions to make and would

> appreciate input.

> 1--Fixed vs Zoom eyepiece???

> 2--Leicas--I have read the article on Better View Desired and find it

> inconclusive. Captain's Nautical does not

> have one for me to look at. Has anybody birded with this scope, seen

> it, know where I can see it, or know of any reason why I should consider

> it over a Swarovsky???

> Thanks,

> Margie in Kenmore



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