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Personally recorded or public domain recordings might be OK, but be
careful about copyright infringement on commercially purchased

Randy Hill, Othello

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Subject: Re: tapes
Author: <dhogaza at pacifier.com> at ~internet
Date: 2/4/99 7:26 AM

At 07:06 AM 2/4/99 -0700, Rick Romea wrote:

>What I think you've missed is how useful these tapes would be to study bird

>calls before going on a trip. I would think that an avid birder would maybe

>want to buy (rent?) specialized targeted tapes before going to a new area

>(or perhaps on one of your tours).

The SLICK thing to do would be to convert these bird calls to MPEG,
stuff them in a database indexed by common name and binomial, make
it web-accessible, provide a downloadable builder so the user
could specify loops without ID, or the learning CD-style announcement
followed by one instance of the call, etc., and let folks
make their OWN customized tapes from their PC!

Now...that would be SLICK!

- Don Baccus, Portland OR <dhogaza at pacifier.com>
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