Tukwila Eagles

Charles A Pell jettran at halcyon.com
Thu Feb 4 11:26:51 PST 1999

I took a quick look at the Kent Ponds on Wednesday (2/3). A lady walking a
dog asked me if I had seen any Eagles. I jokingly replied that there were
none around at that time, but that they are a dime-a-dozen anyway, and that
she could get to see two Peregrine Falcons sitting in trees next to each
other. I showed them to her in the scope, and she was impressed. On the
way back North, however, I passed the Tukwila Pond, and there at the South
end were two Bald Eagles sitting low in a tree right next to the road, and
they looked so huge and very impressive that I had to retract my
dime-a-dozen characterization, even if it was just a joke. Since the usual
pair was not in Kent, it made me wonder if this were the Kent pair, with
Tukwila also part of their territory. The distance would probably be three
miles or so.

Chuck Pell
Seattle, WA
jettran at halcyon.com

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