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Sat Feb 6 16:01:53 PST 1999

I'm hoping a "gull expert" tweets in on this.

I've made it a project to id gulls over the next few weeks in my part of
Kent. I've already spotted the crow sized ring billed gulls at the "Ol'
Fishin' Hole" near the intersection of West Meeker and Kent DesMoines
Road. Between downpours today I headed out there again. I didn't see
any ring billed gulls this time, but I think I saw some "Thayer's Gulls".
Their wing tips were grey with white spots. Am I correct in assuming
the large light grey gulls with black and white spotted wing tips are
Herring Gulls?

Also in this part of Kent, I've seen light grey gulls with no markings
on their wing tips. Are these the Glaucous gulls?

So, if I'm correct, we have three species of gulls hanging out here this

I hope someone can confirm my observations.

Lydia Gaebe In Kent, WA
lydia at
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