1st Annual Aleutian Goose Festival (http://www.delnorte.org/soar)

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Hello Jon,
This is a verry interesting queston. Because we had this species of the
"Aluetian"Canada Goose in
Ocean Shores Grays Harbor CO.on October 27nd 1996.With all so much birding
Patrick and i doing this is the only Sighting of this species we ever
encounter.I well photgraphed this bird and it was published in WOS NEWS 48.
I am glad to read more about this species from Scott Richardson's report
about this particular "Aluetian" Canada Goose.
I am so glad i take Photos when it needed to be done.On the Tahoma
Christmas birdcount there was 9
Greater White-fronted Goose reported. I realy din't want to go looking
for this Birds. We found this 9 Goose last Sunday. When i saw this Goose i
know i never saw THIS kind of Greater White -fronted Goose before There
seem much smaler with more white around the bill verry dark with an extreme
black bib around the belly. I this got the photos back, and can almost
think that this Goose are the Greenland Species.My first thoughts was
right when i saw this birds,something different about this Greater
White-fronted Goose in appearance.
Ruth Sullivan


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> Hi folks,


> Got the following post regarding a birding and bird-related get-

> together down in the Humboldt country. Thought that folks on

> the list might be interesteed. Please excuse the cross-posting.


> I've seen this subspecies along the Oregon Coast and in the

> Willamette Valley. Are there sightings along the Washington/BC

> Coast or Sound/Straits?


> Jon. Anderson

> Olympia, Washington

> festuca at olywa.net


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> A note to tell you about our upcoming celebration of the recovery

> of the Aleutian Canada Goose from near extinction in the 60's. Numbering

around 800 birds they were listed by the Endangered

> Species Act and a recovery program was put in place. Now

> numbering around 30,000, the entire population of these birds

> gathers off Crescent City, Ca. in a pre-migration staging before

> returning to their breeding grounds on the Aleutian Isalnds. The

> birds nest on Castle Island off Crescent City at night and fly off

> to the surrounding fields at dawn, awesome sight!!!!!.

> Take a look at our web site for more info and details. The birds

> are now just starting to return from their wintering grounds in

> Los Banos (central California valley). In about a month's time their

> numbers will have swelled until all of the birds are here. They will

> remain here fattening up for their trip north for about a month or

> more. Our festival is timed to occurr during that peak time. Please

> feel free to share this info with other birders and friends. Let us know

> what you think, thanks Rick Hiser festival coordinator


> (htt://www.delnorte.org/soar)

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