Ship-assisted Vagrants

John Chandler chandler at
Sun Feb 14 18:19:12 PST 1999

I'm curious about the details of what is required for a sighting to be
accepted by a BRC.

For those of you with BRC experience, if a bird travels to a distant
location on a ship does this mean the record will be 'not accepted' by a
BRC? If there is evidence the bird was not fed or given water while on the
ship, does this change the situation? For instance the bird was seen to
feed without assistance from humans.

>From some of the implications in the on-going XAHU discussion, it seems

that the bird must make the journey without overt assistance from humans
for the record to be accepted. If a bird on a ship takes advantage of food
put out for it by the sailors, how is this different from a bird that makes
a long journey over land, taking advantage of seed/suet/sugar&water along
the way?

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