Winter Birds

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Mon Feb 15 23:09:03 PST 1999

I drove from Spokane to Wenatchee and back Sunday and Monday, following
Highway 2 in general. Only the higher parts of the Waterville Plateau have a
snow cover. As with previous trips this winter, the winter specialties of
these areas seemed sparser than usual. Of course this is notable in itself.
Rough-legged hawks were quite common, with about twelve today west and north
of Mansfield, and about three miles nw of Mansfield there was a tight flock of
about 400 SNOW BUNTINGS.

The only falcon I saw bigger than a kestrel was a Prairie Falcon just east of
Wilbur that snagged a Starling off a fencepost. Another Starling followed the
falcon to a power pole and sat five feet away as its buddy was disemboweled.
This was eerily reminiscent of my last view of a Prairie Falcon kill just a
half mile away from this spot when a Brewer's Blackbird sat practically beside
the falcon as it began its work on another blackbird.

The Mondovi area in Lincoln County was again without birds of note, although I
did hear of someone finally seeing a Snowy Owl in that area a week or two ago.

Mark Houston

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