Good Day at Home & Future Visit to the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Sat Feb 20 23:22:10 PST 1999


Tough day doing feeder watch...and building a trellis in the back yard. This
morning I had a SLATE-COLORED JUNCO in the yard...Reminded me of growing up
back in Philly (OK, so I never grew up ;-}). This afternoon I got to watch a
mature BALD EAGLE fly down the street, right over the house and off into the
distance. I thought the eagle was going to land in one of the doug firs in the
back yard. No such luck. Life is hard.....

Next Saturday I take off for a week in south Texas. After a couple of days in
San Antonio, I head for the McAllen area. I've got ABA's Guide to the Rio
Grande Valley & Guide to the Texas Coast & will use those. Anyone out there
have any "don't miss" or local hotspots I should see? I've got about 5 days
with non-birding friends so I've got to cover all the bases as best I can.

Thanks for your help.

Phil Kelley
Lacey, WA
scrbjay at

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