Corrupted Wigeons!

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Mon Feb 22 17:39:36 PST 1999


After the intense wind and rain of this afternoon I decided to go and
check out the "Old Fishin' Hole" here in Kent to see if anything
interesting got blown in.

Nope. Just a collection of mallards, coots and gulls expecting
hand-outs. The expectant birds waddled right up to me. Tagging along at
the rear of this freeloading gang was a pair of American Wigeons! These
wigeons were very much part of the freeloading gang, turning around with
the mallards when they realized I had nothing for them.

A few minutes later a woman with a big bag of bread showed up, as did the
gulls from the golf course across the river. The wigeons again waddled up
the walkway with the mallards and partook in the bread fest.

Could this be the beginning of the urbanization of American Wigeons?
Just ducky!

Going Quackers In Kent

Lydia Gaebe In Kent, WA
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