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Dear Tweets,

For those of you following the predator thread, the following postings are
interesting (imho):

From: Kathy Klimkiewicz <Kathy_Klimkiewicz at>
Subject: Re: Predator control (was Re: Exotic species management)

It is not the state game agency that is proposing this (see full
message posted to Ornith-L this morning). It is a board that dictates
to them. They have applied to USFWS for a permit to control the owls
and hawks because they are 'depredating' the pheasant population.
USFWS can grant such a permit but hopefully would not grant it for
this reason.

> Among other actions (heavy stocking, a ban on pheasant hunting

> and dog training) the proposal calls for elimination of great horned owls

>Question: if one can't shoot them (the pheasants), what the hell IS one

supposed to do

>with them?

>Are there some queer north american practices we dont really want to

>know about?

>;-) rob

Dr Rob Robinson
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