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Justin Brown wrote in Tweeters....

"i learned something discouraging about starbucks coffee over the weekend
it's now owned by phillip morris! they made a deal with either kraft or
of the other pm subsidiaries/affiliates, so now it's owned by them. i
out through a great publication called "adbusters." "

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carlisle ma
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Not quite right......

I worked a long term temp job at Kraft Foods just this winter. Kraft/PM
only has a DISTRIBUTION DEAL with Starbucks. Starbucks is still an
independent entitiy.

I was shocked to learn that Kraft is owned by Big Tobacco. I liked the
people at Kraft, and were it not for it's corporate ownership, I'd have
applied for a permanent position there.

But, Kraft/PM does NOT own Starbucks.

Now here's another shocker.....Like Altoids? Callard & Bowser-Suchard
Inc., the company that makes Altoids IS owned by Phillip (cough-cough)


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