Window mounts

Eugene Kridler ekridler at
Fri Feb 26 18:53:28 PST 1999

I've been using a window mount for l7 years. Great for disabled persons
who have trouble getting in an out cars or have trouble standing behind
a tripod for any length of time. They are more stable than a tripod in
windy weather, you're inside the car when its raining, and as pointed
out by several persons, don't readily flush wildlife like getting out of
a car does. One thing to consider, though, what you are observing has to
be on the mount side. This can be taken care of most times by driving
past your object some distance, turning around and come back. Being
careful to look in your rear vision mirror so you aren't creamed by
traffic. There are limitations of course, you can't go stomping through
the brush or wade in water. Gene Kridler, ex wildlife biologist, sigh!

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