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Tue Mar 2 15:35:40 PST 1999

Skagit/Samish trip:

I inadvertently sent the young birders entry before I wished. Please
allow a second note about our trip. Some of my students from a public
elementary school in Bellevue went to the Skagit/Samish flats in
February as part of their study on birds. In this case and this time of
year, 'wintering raptors'. We went on Feb 7th and Feb 27th. The kids
enjoyed a full day (8am-6pm) of looking for and observing various birds
in various situations. We have done these two trips for the last seven
years. They have shared one of their memorable sightings and inquiries.
The kids are also observing and recording local birds in our small creek
at the school. They maintain two bird feeders and continually work to
remove invasive plant species and add natives or care for natives. Hope
you enjoy a view from the young folks.

-dean drugge

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