Brunton Binoculars

Bob Schmidt bobs at
Thu Mar 4 06:37:27 PST 1999

I would like to purchase a pair of relatively inexpensive, waterproof
binoculars with a reasonably bright lens for birding. I current own a pair
of Bushnell Trophy Waterproof, 8X32 that have continued to work OK even
after getting drenched repeatedly in Costa Rica and Washington on several
occasions. However with the 32mm lens, they are not very bright. (And also
not as clear as high-end, nitrogen-filled models which I believe are
currently all out of my price range.) Anyway I would like to spend $200-300
and was looking at a pair of Brunton Eterna 7X42 (model 4002W) at REI. With
the large ocular they seemed to be brighter than any of the other compact
(backpacking) models on display. Since I have a large year-end dividend and
a voucher for 10% off, the price of $290 seems reasonable, however I have
never heard of Brunton. If anyone has any experience with a Brunton
product, or knows of similar low price, high quality deal, or wants to part
with their fifth pair of 1998 Zeiss at a super bargain please write.

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