RFI: March & Mt. Quail in Kitsap Co.

Lois Schultz lois at duke.edu
Thu Mar 4 08:47:46 PST 1999

Hello Tweeters,
I am planning to visit my parents in Olympia Mar. 12-17 and hope to be
able to do a little birding in between visits to relatives. Since Mt.
Quail seems to still be a mythical species for me, I wondered if anyone
knows whether the birds near the Kitsap Co. airport (Port Orchard) will
be active in mid-March? I have directions already, but have not been
able to get there early in the morning. Perhaps this time I can get

Some time ago there was a yellow-billed loon reported from Olympia. Was
this ever confirmed? and, is it still around?

Thanks very much,

Lois Schultz
lois at acpub.duke.edu
Music Cataloger, Duke University

"Cherish, conserve, consider, create"
Lou Harrison

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