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March 7, 1999, Sunday, 9:30 p.m. Hi, this is Sam Terry (206) 329-9038.
Yesterday, the 6th, out by Sequim I had one MARBLED GODWIT on the beach
between the eastern boat launch and the Oyster Company. This is just west
of the mouth of the Dungeness River, and today I had the LITTLE GULL at
Point No Point around 3:30 or so in the afternoon. That's it. Good luck
and good birding.

March 7, 1999, Sunday, 8:16 p.m. Hi, this is Steven Mlodinow. I spent a
couple hours bopping around the Snohomish delta today. The one bird of
interest was a TREE SPARROW. This was seen across the road from 5001
Riverview. This is near Snohomish. Riverview runs along the north side of
Snohomish River, just west of Snohomish. The TREE SPARROW was with a small
group of WHITE-CROWNED and SONG SPARROWS. Again, it was on the river side
of the road, across from 5001. Also, today Greg Toffic had the SKYLARK out
by Sequim. Good luck and good birding.

March 7, 1999, Sunday, 7:07 p.m. This is David Flood at (206) 720-1560.
Sunday afternoon around 4 o'clock in Discovery Park I watched a pair of BALD
EAGLES perched above last year's nest copulating and then the male flew a
short distance away, brought back some new nesting materials, and added it
to the nest. So it looks like the pair is planning to re-occupy the nest.
Thank you and good birding.

March 7, 1999, Sunday, 12:41 p.m. Hi, this is Neil Komedal at (206)
723-4444. This morning, Sunday morning, at about 10:45 I saw a TURKEY
VULTURE in downtown Seattle at - off - on Dearborn near where I-9 goes over

March 6, 1999, Saturday, 3:26 p.m. Yeah, hi, this is Doug Plummer. Phone
number (206) 523-2525. On Greenlake this morning, March 6, sighted a
SWAINSON'S THRUSH on the west side of the lake about two-thirds of the way
between the boat house and the Bath House Theater. Pretty obvious, not too
shy, feeding on the ground and then playing to the brush. Also, first
swallows of the year, I saw about, oh, half a dozen or so, I believe, VIOLET
GREENS, there at the north end of the lake. Thanks a lot.

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