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Fri Mar 12 06:44:31 PST 1999

Tweeters -
Steve Gerstle and I spent Wednesday birding between Cle Elum and Vantage.
Highlights included two Golden Eagle sightings, close looks at a Merlin at
Wanapum Dam State Park, Canyon Wrens, Says Phoebes and Gray-crowned Rosy
Finches along the Wanapum Dam Rd., an occupied Great Horned Owl nest at the
same site as last year (Old Vantage Highway and Caribou Rd.), Sage Sparrows at
numerous locations along the Old Vantage Highway, and Mountain and Western
Bluebirds along Hidden Valley Rd. off Rte. 970. Weather was excellent. The
only blooming plants we found were Sagebrush Buttercups.
Brenda Senturia

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