A Question Of Syntax

Michael Hobbs Hummer at isomedia.com
Wed Nov 3 08:55:11 PST 1999

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> Why not just say, "the Eurasian Kestrel is now in Skagit County...." or

> "the Eurasian Kestrel flew to Skagit County".

Well, it wasn't that the Kestrel had moved. It was that the Kestrel had been
re-located -- that is, located again. I suppose we could say refound, but
that's not a word.

Interestingly, Lydia is the second person this week who has misunderstood
"relocated" with respect to a rarity. I was telling a King County Parks
employee about the Gnatcatcher, and told her that the bird had been "relocated
on Saturday". She thought I meant someone captured it and took it away!

Does anyone have any better ideas for phrasing the concept of having located an
individual bird hours or days after it was last seen that doesn't imply

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