Goose Links For Breakfast!

Lydia Gaebe lgaebe at
Sat Nov 6 06:24:42 PST 1999

Hi Tweeters,

Waking up insanely early on a Saturday morning has its advantages. I
decided to go goose hunting. I am serving up a plate of goose links for my
fellow tweeters. Enjoy your breakfast! Info on the Aleutian Canada Goose Info on the Cackling Canada Goose
html (Middle Schoolers in Illinois put this chart together! Very nice, but
no scientific names used. But the kids have the right idea!) No pictures, but great
scientific detail here. Although this chart lists Geese
found in Ohio, many are also found here in our neck of the woods. This
chart sorts them by size and coloring. Some info on the Giant
Canada Goose found in Dearborn Michigan.

As soon as the sun comes up, I'm heading out for some birding. Heck with
the weather!

Lydia In Kent, WA
lgaebe at
Lydia Gaebe

begin 666 Aleutian Canada Goose.url
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M+W=W=RYR-RYF=W,N9V]V+V5S+V%C9R]A8V<N:'1M; T*36]D:69I960],# X
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