Sandhill Crane - Bellevue

Rob Conway robin_birder at
Wed Nov 10 13:16:02 PST 1999


A neighbor called me this morning to say that there was a big bird he didn't
recognize that looked kind of like a heron in a small park that is mostly a
grassy field near the corner of Forest Drive and SE 138th in SE Bellevue. I
was just about to leave for work so I stopped by and low and behold there
was an adult SANDHILL CRANE! A blow in from last nights storm? Just a
wanderer? I watched the bird for 10 minutes and it appeared to be feeding
on worms that the heavy rain brought up. A man with AN UNLEASHED DOG came
into the park and the bird immediately flew off. I watched it go south and
land on the course at the Golf Club at Newcastle. Where did this guy come
from? A definite Bellevue first for me.

Rob Conway
Bellevue, WA
robin_birder at

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