Thu Nov 18 08:05:31 PST 1999

Dear Birders,

Here is a summary of Common Redpoll sightings to date this fall,
mainly from BCINTBIRD and TWEETERS:


Oct. 31-- 60, Forest Road 201, SW of Penticton, Dick Cannings et al.
Nov. 1-- flock (number?), Shingle Creek, W of Penticton, Dick Cannings
et al.
Nov. 1 to 13-- "hundreds" (up to 600), Upper Hat Creek (W of Cache
Creek), Peter McAllister
Nov. 7-- 1, Lac Le Jeune, S of Kamloops, Wayne Weber, Andy Raniseth
Nov. 15-- 100, Farleigh L., W of Penticton, Eva Durance
Nov. 16-- 20, Kamloops, Wayne Weber
Nov. 16-- 25, near Pinantan Lake, NE of Kamloops, Rick Howie


Nov. 14-- 1, N of Richland, Bill & Nancy Laframboise
Nov 15-- 70, Chain Lakes, Pend Oreille Co., Howard Ferguson
Nov. 16-- 150 (5 flocks), between Reardan and Davenport, W of Spokane,
Howard Ferguson
Nov. 16-- 12, Spokane, observer? (fide Joanne Powell)
Nov. 17-- 4 (possibly more?), Othello, Bob Flores, Randy Hill
Nov. 17-- 60, Miles-Creston Road, W of Spokane, Cindy McCormack


Nov. 7-- 1, Joseph (Wallowa Co.), Frank Conley

So far, I don't recall any N Idaho sightings, but perhaps I
overlooked something.

As Andy Stepniewski commented on TWEETERS and INLAND-NW-BIRDERS,
it will be interesting to see how far south Redpolls get this winter,
and in what numbers. I am hoping for a Hoary Redpoll somewhere, which
would be a life bird for me.

Happy "finching"!

Wayne Weber
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