Hawkin at the Fill

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Sat Nov 27 10:44:35 PST 1999

Hi Ruth -
Yes this bird was in the dead cottonwood. He/She was heavily streaked, and
I have not seen enough Peregrines to know whether it was a mature female or
immature male/female. The back of the head and nape of the neck some
streaking with lighter feathers. He/she also had some redness in the lower
breast feathers, but I thought that was probably blood smear from one of her
recent meals. She would return to perch in the cottonwood and would alight
on the end of one of the vertical branches that had been broken off.
Sometimes it would take her a while to get comfortable/balanced. I did see
a band on her right leg, and thought that there also might have been one on
the left leg, but couldn't be sure. Interestingly enough, the crows were not
paying her much attention, even though there were many in the area. The
Coop was an immature bird and the crows were also leaving her alone. The
only harassment we saw was a gull giving a red tail hawk a hard time. There
was a huge (100's) flock of crows over the University somewhere, but we
couldn't tell if they were mobbing a raptor or not.

Bill and Kate
Lake Sammamish
w_rietveld at hotmail.com

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>Hi Bill.

>Could you tell if the peregrine was an adult or immature? I'm curious

>because I saw a heavily streaked juvenile there a couple of weeks ago, and


>thought that the bird I saw at the Ballard Bridge yesterday was the same

>bird. Was the peregrine in the dead cottonwoods?

>I saw a Cooper's hawk (immature) in the top of a willow by the same pond on

>the same day as above. It was wet and was draped over the willow with tail

>and wings fanned.

>Sounds like fun!


>Ruth Taylor



>At 01:42 AM 11/27/99 GMT, you wrote:

> >We spent a few hours this afternoon at the Montlake Fill. It was a great

> >day for raptors. Shortly after arriving we spotted what at first we


> >was a Merlin, and when we got a little closer, it turned out to be a

> >Peregrine. While watching the Peregrine, a Kestrel landed higher up in


> >tree. The Peregrine became agitated, left the tree and went after the

> >Kestrel, chasing it away. Later on a Cooper's Hark landed in the top of


> >large bush on Shoveler pond, and spent 1/2 hour there giving us great


> >views. We had a difficult time deciding whether to put the scope on the

> >Peregrine or the Coop. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk also flew over, as did


> >Red Tailed Hawks. There was also a Bald Eagle around reported by someone

> >else, but not seen by us. All in all a great afternoon!

> >

> >Bill and Kate

> >Lake Sammamish

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