Backyard Anna's

Cliff Drake cdrake at
Sun Oct 10 22:03:44 PDT 1999

I got home from my gig this evening about 6:30 PM and saw the male ANNA'S
HUMMINGBIRD that's been hanging around feeding at my feeder. How late will
they feed? Will additional artificial light near the feeder help or hurt as
the long darkness of winter approaches? I first saw an anna's on Sat 9/25
and it looked like a female, within a week I saw two in my plum tree, then
the hummer feeding had some red on its crown, but not a lot. For the last
week or so it's been a male with a full red crown and throat with a well
defined collar. I thought I saw two again this morning in the plum tree, but
I'm not sure, they wizzed through so fast. I've never seen more than one at
the feeder, though.

My other yard birds were the usual House Finches, a flicker on the lawn, a
single junco in the plum tree and a large flock of Bushtits on almost a
daily basis. I counted 47 leaving the plum tree Friday morning. Oh, and I
always have crows, starlings and gulls flying around.

Cliff Drake
Ballard-Seattle, WA
mailto:cdrake at

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