Anna's hummer on Capitol Hill

Sandra C. Andersen. scadane at
Mon Oct 11 00:05:50 PDT 1999

While gardening I was entertained and "used" by a juv. or female Anna's
Hummingbird. It was feeding on the red
flowers of the pineapple sage, and some of the last red salvia. it would
also dart after and catch small flying insects( gnats etc).
It then watched and found out that when I gardened I scared up insects
hiding in the plants. So , it started
following me around as I worked and "buzzed "me if I stopped to take a
Two hawks soared overhead, one much larger than the other, tons of tweets in
the Mountain Ash,
including one crow trying to keep his balance while trying to get the
ripest berries on a Very small twig,
sure is a great time of year!
scadane at msn.ccom

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