Golden Eagles In Black Diamond Area?

Tom Foote footet at
Thu Sep 9 14:03:06 PDT 1999

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Lydia Gaebe wrote:


> I suggested the eagle was an immature Bald Eagle, but he was certain he was
> looking at a Golden.  Okay, who's right?  Me in saying the Goldens only live
> on the east side of the state, or my friend?


	hmm-mmmmmmm... the only way to be sure is to see it yourself.

	Goldens are usually on the east side as you pointed out,
	BUT, Bud Anderson claims he knows of a Golden Eagle nest
	on San Juan Island.. and I have a good friend who is a
	falconer and a few years ago was flying his Harris Hawk 
	at Ft. Lewis when she she had the great misfortune to land
	in a tree where a tiercel Golden Eagle was perched higher up.
	My friend was hustling over to where the HH was perched
	and when he rounded the tree line, he found the Golden
	on the HH on the had already killed it.

	so, we know there are some Goldens over here.  


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