Early Fall arrivals off coastal Seahurst Park, Sunday, 09-20- 99

Kraig,Eric kraige at oclc.org
Thu Sep 23 07:34:54 PDT 1999

Maureen Ellis wrote:

> 5 RED-NECKED Grebes-could not discern plumage, but these are unexpected

> this early;

This seems to have been a "good year" for over-summering Red-necked Grebes.
Most years one sees the odd single bird in alternate plumage; this year I've
seen both singles and groups, the largest being a flock of six in Samish Bay
in July.

Since mid-August, I've seen increasing numbers of red-necks in the Nisqually
Reach, most in some intermediate stage of molt. Whether these are
over-summering birds or early migrants I can't say, although I'd guess the

Eric Kraig
Olympia, WA
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