This morning on Coxcomb Hill 9/227/1999

mike patterson mpatters at
Mon Sep 27 04:32:10 PDT 1999

Scattered clouds, variable wind 0-5 and a cold 37°F.
There were lots of sparrows and the first RUBY-CROWNED
KINGLET of the season.

The List
	Northern Flicker              1
	American Robin                3
	Cedar Waxwing                20
	Bewick's Wrenn                2
	Black-capped Chickadee        2
	Golden-crowned Kinglet        3
	Ruby-crowned Kinglet          1
	Black-throated Gray Warbler   2
	Yellow Warbler                1
	Spotted Towhee                1
	Oregon Junco                  1
	Fox Sparrow                  33
	Song Sparrow                  6
	Golden-crowned Sparrow        5
	White-crowned Sparrow         2
	Evening Grosbeak              1

Mike Patterson
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Astoria High School

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                             in the expert's mind 
                                there are few.
                                          --- Shunryu Suzuki

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