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April 9, 6:35 PM - Hi. Scott Downes (206) 361 7073. Today about 5:30 over
Bitter Lake in North Seattle I found a male PURPLE MARTIN cruising over the
lake. This seems pretty early. It's about a week or so earlier than I have
ever found them in Western Washington. That's about it. Good luck, and good

April 9, 6:41 PM - My name is Mike Blue and I live in Renton. I'd like to
add to the reports of TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRES. I'm looking at one right now in
my back yard. I live in the Maple Hills neighborhood in Renton. It's been
here about ten minutes and right now it's eating some kind of berry. Anyway,
there it is.

April 10, 9:18 AM - This is Ed Swan on Vashon Island at (206) 463 7976. On
Saturday, the eighth, at 4:00 PM there was a TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE at Point
Robinson on Maury Island. The Tahoma Audubon trip saw five SOLITAIRES there
that morning. Also, an immature PEREGRINE FALCON made a half-hearted try at
pigeons at the Vashon ferry dock on Friday, the seventh.

April 10, 10:47 AM - Hello, this is Carl Haney (206) 662 8463 reporting for
yesterday. There were three WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS along the Snoqualmie
Valley Trail in King County, two of which were singing near where the
parking lot access meets the trail at the Stillwater Unit of the Snoqualmie
Wildlife Recreational area. The third one was down south of there about a
third of a mile on the trail. That's it. Good luck, and good birding.

Grant Hendrickson
Redmond, WA
granth at

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