Lesser White Fronted Goose

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I think that's because there are no accepted records of LESSER WHITE-FRONTED
GOOSE in North America.
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Date: Monday, April 17, 2000 11:29 PM
Subject: Lesser White Fronted Goose

Hi Tweets

I have a question .....Are Lesser White Fronted Geese as common as
greaer white fronted geese - in Western Washington?

I can't find much info on them as far as when seen, where, how many
etc. There has been one at Crocker Lake, which is along hwy 101
between Discovery Bay and Quilicene, for the last month to 6 weeks. It
appears to be hanging out with a pair of African geese that some one
dumped there. The africans have been there a couple years.

The newest Peterson's western bird book does not have the lesser white
fronted goose in it.

Any info would be appreciated.

Chimacum. Wa
critrhse at webt.net

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