Nisqually 4/13/00 Nesting Hummers, plus...

Michele Herzberg foxglove at
Fri Apr 21 01:39:37 PDT 2000

Hello Tweeters,

A beautiful late afternoon spent at Nisqually NWR was rewarding, as ever.

Rufous hummingbirds are again nesting in the same (well-observed) tree as
last year, but on a different twig - I think this nest is even easier to
see and currently contains 2 fluffy chicks. While I was sketching them and
the nest, Mom came to feed the chicks after first perching on a twig a
short distance away from the nest to make a careful assessment of the area.
After the chicks had been fed, they settled-down and "rearranged"
themselves slightly, it was fun to see the flexible, mossy nest bulge with
the chicks' movement. Subsequently, a family (of humans) came by - there
were 3 small kids and the mom gave each of them a turn picking them up and
viewing the nest. Have to confess I was also rather enthralled watching
the childrens' faces, wish I'd had a camera :)

As it was late in the day, my walk consisted of a loop to the ring dike
trail and back. Lots of lovely birdsong - numerous Yellow-rumped warblers
(Myrtles & Audubon's) and Brown Creepers were calling, as well as a Downy
Woodpecker, one Varied Thrush making it's "whining" call and a Ring-necked
Pheasant. The usual superb suite of swallow species was present, nice view
of the pair of Wood Ducks; Golden-crowned, Savannah Sparrows, 2 Bald
Eagles (one mature, the other juvenile) and other expected waterway and
woodland characters.

Bleeding Heart, Elderberry, Star Flower and many other plants and trees are
blooming plus several species of butterflies and moths are out and about.
Close to the path on the right-hand side before the Ring Dike trail is a
blooming Oregon Ash (intriguing tiny clusters of flowers on the ends of
twigs at the base of new leaf growth). I could go on... The birdsong is
rich, it's a great time to visit the refuge! :)

Michele Herzberg
Kent, WA
foxglove at

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