Red Crossbills/Wren

Wed Apr 26 15:58:55 PDT 2000

Hi Tweets:

Since April 20th I've had two immature/juvenile Red Crossbills at the tube
feeder. I had crossbills in my yard in 1999, but not until June 7th. My
last sighting of them was Aug.19, 1999 when I saw a female and youngster. A
week later I was gone for a month so I don't know if they stayed later than
that. I've not seen a male in either year.

The Winter Wren is sitting on 5 lovely eggs. She's in a moss-covered conical
basket birdhouse that hangs under the eves that extend over the front porch.
High and dry. My yard provided lots of moss for nest building and there are
gray and white feathers lining the nest. I expect hatching in about 5 or 6
days. She's grown accustomed to the toss of the morning newspaper and the
opening and closing of the front door.

Joyce Meyer
Woodinville, WA

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