Compare image capture devices

Gaylord Mink gmink at
Sun Aug 13 08:41:38 PDT 2000

Video camera folks:

If you have ever wondered how image capture devices affect the quality
still images captured from video tape you might want to visit my web
site at
I have just posted the first in what will be a series of tests which
compare images captured from both analogue and digital tape.  The same
image was captured  using 1) the  Snappy Deluxe 3.0 video snapshot, 2)
a  Sony Memory Stick, and 3) a Firewire capture card using PhotoDV
software.  The unadjusted images are posted for easy comparison.

If you have any specific questions or criticisms just e-mail me direct.

There are also some tests comparing different telephoto lenses at the

Gaylord Mink
Prosser, Wa

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