Need Help with Bird ID

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Fri Aug 18 18:20:53 PDT 2000

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<< The bird was about the size of a robin (which is what I thought it was 
 >  I saw the head)  The breast was a very pale orangish yellow.  No streaks.
 >  There were white eye stripes and a white streak across the top of the 
head. >>

This is really wierd, but..........I have the same looking bird in my 
backyard. He's grey, pretty much, all over. Robin size and thrush jizz. I 
suspect it's as Nick says, it's a juvenile Black Headed Grosbeak, a pair of 
whom I had in my feeder the entire summer. He's helping himself to the 
birdbath water (I've never seen a BH Grosbeak bathing in it.) and filling up 
in the bird feeders. Goooood bird. Haven't seen adult Grosbeaks in a couple 
weeks, although I heard one stanza of song about a week ago.
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Oly, WA

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