great free class on Corvids 9/9 10am-noon in West Seattle

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Thu Aug 31 09:12:21 PDT 2000

Corvids! The wonderful world of crows...

Join University of Washington researcher John Withey for an experience
with one of the most "intelligent" species of the bird world, the
American Crow. Discover what crow populations and individuals are doing
in and around the Seattle area * and how YOU can help! This unique
program will give you lots to crow about!! Registration is required by
calling Camp Long at 684-7434.
Date: Saturday, September 9th
Time: 10 a.m. * 12 p.m.
Costs: free

Other Camp Long activities:

Washington Wildlife Celebration!
A fundraiser for the Sarvey Wildlife Center & Camp Long
Join us for a night of celebration for the wildlife of Washington! Meet
a live American bald eagle, red tailed hawk, owls and other
rehabilitated raptors! From swans to hummingbirds, chipmunks to bears
and everything in between, the Sarvey Wildlife Center has been working
since 1981 to help Washington's Wildlife. Proceeds from this special
night will help buy medication, food and shelter for the animals and
also support Camp Long's nature programs. Registration is required by
calling Camp Long at 684-7434.
The evenings activities include:
Special presentation by Kaye Baxter, Sarvey Center director and
live Birds of Prey
Silent Auction of unique donations from local businesses
Dinner cooked by Camp Long's Director Lynn Havsall (aka Martha Stewart)
Owl center and activities
Owl prowl in Camp Long
Please help support the Sarvey Wildlife Center in their efforts to
rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife and join us!

Date: Saturday, November 4th
Time: 4:30 * 8:30 p.m.
Ages: Everyone!! No more than 2 children per adult please.
Costs: Suggested donation levels:
for adults - - Golden Eagle $50 for children - -
Bear $15
Peregrine Falcon $35 Bobcat
Pygmy Owl $20 Chipmunk
$ 5

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Advocate for Wildlife Habitat
Seattle Audubon Society
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Seattle, WA 98115
PHONE: 206 523-8243 x14
FAX: 206 528-7779
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