Willamette Valley Raptors

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Sun Dec 3 20:29:19 PST 2000

Willamette Valley Raptors

I had a meeting in Eugene on Saturday which gave me the opportunity
to drive down the Valley counting raptors.  The route Friday took me
down I-5 to the Covallis exit then down 99E to Junction City, across
Beltline back to I-5 and Cottage Grove.  Sunday we came back I-5 to
Coburg Rd, Peoria Rd, 126 to Looney Ln, 99E to Albany, then Springhill
Rd, Independence Hwy, River Rd with an hour stop at Minto-Brown Island,
hwy 221 to Lafayette and finally hwy 47 to Banks.

And in all that farm land, I was surprised at the dearth of Buteo-
type raptors.  The kestrel counts were higher than expected , however.


Red-tailed Hawk     38
American Kestrel    20
Sharp-shinned Hawk   1


Red-tailed Hawk     27
American Kestrel    31
Snowy Owl            1

Also seen: 
Great Egret south of Peoria.
Trumpeter Swan near Unionvale

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