A few trend to watch while doing CBCs

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Thu Dec 14 07:56:49 PST 2000

Christmas Bird Count time is a good time to ask questions about
bird numbers and distribution patterns, if only on a qualitative

A couple of trends I've noticed which the sharp-eyed CBC observer
may want to watch for and compare throughout the region:
1. Coastal Pied-billed Grebes numbers seem higher, turning up in 
the River and Youngs Bay along with the usual ponds and sloughs.
2. The mob Western Grebe (usually dispersed by now) is still
300-400 strong in Youngs Bay.
3.  Shearwaters and fulmars...
4. The promise of a Snowy Owl invasion unfulfilled (and 
manifesting itself inland rather than along the coast).
5. Short-eared Owls...
6. Tree Sparrows, Harris' Sparrows

Any observations too add?

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